It’s two years later and time to re-evaluate or just expand upon the things I love. Some have staid the same, some have changed.

  1. Rdio - Still loving it, oh yes it has issues (cough playlists cough, cough social cough) but it is constantly getting better and still is an amazing value for money..
  2. Jetbrains IDE’s - Note only does PHPStorm make programming in PHP a pleasure, but Intellij Idea makes Java not seem so convoluted with it’s ridiculously verbose syntax which isn’t so bad when IDEA autocompletes it for you.
  3. Nexus 7 - The right size for a tablet, the right price, and android is really hitting it’s stride.
  4. Github - Github is awesome, and it’s not awesome because of Git (maybe it is even in spite of Git, not that Git isn’t awesome but it does have a pretty steep learning curve) but because someone finally figured a non-gimicky way to make coding at least slightly social. I know how much I love Github because every time I have to download code from somewhere that isn’t Github I die a little inside (especially cough Sourceforge cough).
  5. Javascript - Whether it is nodejs and express, angular, grunt or any of the hundreds of modules on npm I just enjoy working on Javascript, and yes, I still love jQuery even though none of the cool kids are using it anymore.

What’s changed, you may notice I have switched from the Kindle to the Nexus 7 for ebooks. I also still have, but have no love for my iPhone (months later I am still trying to find a way to get an unlocked HTC One), it’s not that the iPhone is bad, it’s just how locked down Apple has made the ecosystem. And cygwin is no longer the band-aid I need for Windows, though it looks like major surgery is going to be required there to make command line developing acceptable on windows - but that is another blog post.